Free Local Delivery and Drive-Thru

When we say we go the extra mile for you, we mean it literally. Save yourself the time and hassle of making a trip to the pharmacy to pick up your medication. We now offer Free Local Delivery for prescriptions to locations around Wise, VA. Let us deliver to your home or office to save you time and money.





Compounding Services

Compounding is the art of preparing custom medications, to improve the dosage form, to ease administration of the drug, and/or alternative dosage routes. Compounding allows us to customize dosage and flavors to accommodate unique patients needs. All patients, form premature children to the elderly, including pets, can benefit from compounding. If you have medication problems we can find a solution.

Diabetic Health Center

Cavalier Pharmacy is your complete diabetes center. Not only do we carry a full stock of insulin and diabetic prescription items, but also a complete array of blood glucose monitoring supplies as well as brand or generic syringes. We offer a variety of diabetes items, such as Insulin accessories, surgical support hose, diabetic socks, and Aetrex diabetic shoes and insoles.


Most of us are aware of the need for children to receive immunizations. However, many adults are not protected against potentially life-threatening diseases for which immunizations are available. Some adults are at special risk, and may need immunizations because of medical problems they may have, certain living situations or lifestyles, or if they are planning a trip to a foreign country.